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On September 19, 2011 I wrote a blog from my hotel room in Las Vegas TechEd about me leaving the SAP Mentors.

In that blog, one of my main reason to leave the Mentors was that I wanted to have some time for myself and learn all the new and hottest technologies of SAP, like SAP HANA, Gateway and SUP...funny thing...I got hired by SAP to do exactly that. My team "Technology Innovation and Developer Experience" is for sure the best in SAP, with the most awesome boss and the most awesome teammates of all over the world.

With that said...I'm glad to announce that my hiatus is over...I'm back to the SAP Mentors fully charged, with a lot of new knowledge, a lot of ideas and what is most important...a lot of passion.

Last week I was in Palo Alto for the SAP HANA InnoJam Online Contest Finals and my good friend Vijay Vijayasankar told me something that I will never forget..."For what the Mentors concern...you never leaved the program"...or something like that :wink: The thing is...when you're part of the SAP Mentors you can't never truly leave...

If everything goes as planned...I will be attending both Sapphire Now and TechEd this year, so I really hope to meet again with all my Mentor brothers and sisters...and of course, meet the new addition to our big and growing family.

So...if the question arise...does anything changes from me, due to the fact that I'm an SAP Mentor and well and an SAP Employee? Well...of course...I'm more busy that before...what it's the kind of "exciting" busy that helps me to keep going and going.

Being part of the first wave of SAP Mentors back in 2007, I'm really looking forward for the challenges and great meetings we're going to have.

See you soon in the next SAP event! :cool: