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Hi all,

I’m thinking about that a while and today I want to blog it.

How do you bring SCN to the public level around you?

I read a lot about SCN and how some improve their career by directing their customers to the SCN-Profiles.

In my case, I learn a lot by surfing around, reading articles, discuss with others and answering questions.

I like the big thing behind it, Knowing that there are more people than me, surfing Sunday in SCN and talking about new things, SAP brings to the world and how to handle or getting into that content.

But now, I was searching for a statement with SCN, show people, that I’m into SCN and want to bring the community to those, who doesn’t know about it.

But not by just talking about it, I want to have a non-conversation statement.

Just something, I can put on my notebook or my car, that interested people join the community and get part of it.

So, that’s it.

A sticker, decal, badge, label, notebook-skin or however you want to call it.

And here is my problem. In my mind, there are a lot of good suggestions how it could look like, but I’m just a developer and not a graphic designer. (That doesn’t mean, that I’m not having a lot of crazy things in my mind*gg*)

Somewhere I saw someone, who created his own design. I cannot remember who…

What do you think about making a cool design and share it with here.

I made some classic things, but as mentioned before, I’m not that talented :razz: It's hard, but at least I know where i stand...

But I think, you get the point where i want to go. Having a really cool and unique design...

If you got good ideas or a cool design with such a statement, share it.

Colored are very welcomed and in case of putting it on a notebook, it would be cool, if it has a high contrast with black, because i think most of the notebooks are black out there.

One additional information: Please respect copyrights! :wink: