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Have you ever rolled a car over?

No, not that way! If you did I hope you came out ok.

I mean - have you ever rolled the odometer over? In the recent past I have done it twice. It's not that I drive that much, I just buy older cars.

When the odometer rolls over from 999999 to 000000 it's a moment for celebration.

Today I have staged* a minor celebration because:

1. It's Friday 

2. Any reason is a good enough reason to celebrate the great work that the SCN team do

3. Santosh's SDN - long time ago got me thinking how far we have come in just a few short years.

So congratulations to the whole team at the SAP Community Network. Know that the site has gone from strength to strength and we (the guys in the trenches) appreciate all the work you do.

But it is not just the work the team do, it is all of us. As a community we are stronger today because of this site and all the wonderful information sharing, collaboration, communication and learning that takes place here.

Is it perfect? No - there are all sorts of things that could be improved. Let's just think back to see how far we have come and think how far we can go in the next 10000 blog posts and the next 5 years.

So ... Three cheers to the SAP Community Network.



*Staged because I contrived to grab the blog numbered 10000. Cheeky I know. I hope you don't mind! Also keep in mind that even though this is the post numbered 10000 that doesn't mean there have been 10000 posts. I mention this now because I know some of you are thinking about that. Stop it and enjoy the (slightly contrived) moment.