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Hi All,

I am farely new to SCN, but even then i have experienced a strange situation here.

The very reason for which this community was created "Sharing the knowledge" is seems to be lost somewhere.

People seems to be creating discussions for the sake of it, they come back for initial part of the discussions and then they gets disappeared god knows where. :mad:

As far as my knowledge goes, SCN is a community created by SAP to help people engaged in SAP assignments, this is the community where people come and share there knowledge, now the keyword here is:

Share the Knowledge :cool:

and not

Get Knowledge and Disappear :mad:

As per my understanding there are four kinds of people on SCN;

1) People come do a basic research of the issue faced, gain knowledge and go without giving anything back to commuity.

2) People come creates discussions without even doing basic research of the issue faced, gain knowledge and go without giving anything back to commuity.

3) People come creates discussions doing basic research, gain knowledge and gives something back to community.

4) People comes, share there knowledge in the best possible manner, but gets nothing back from community.

Now, basic question here is for which kind of people this community was created, for people of type 1 and 2 or for people of type 3 and 4.

Logically speaking people of type 3 and 4 and they should be encouraged (which SCN team is doing really well) and people of type 1 and 2 should be discouraged atleast for their very basic queries (which is the responsibility of all contributing members and equally SCN admin team).

For encouraging contributing members of community SCN has come up with many programs like "Member of the month"(New Feature - Member of the Month), "Reputation Program"(SCN Reputation Program Overview) to name a few, but all these programs can only fetch desired results, when all the right answers are marked as correct or helpful answers and in turn awards points to members who have spent their time and energy and also shared their knowledge by giving correct answers.

If that would not happen, then even after taking so many initiatives and taking so much pain in making SCN a community worth its name would all be in vain.

There is something needs to be done in terms of spreading awareness about the soul of SCN (knowledge sharing), to make everybody in the community realize what this community is all about, and to make that happen every responsible member of the community SCN is required to shoulder the responsibity of this including SCN admin team and moderators.

Members who are devoting their time and energy and making SCN a success (contributing members) should not feel cheated at the end, whenever they raise any query, they should also recieve back from the community.

When all's said and done, I believe SCN should be known to the world as a community where knowledge meets knowledge and in turn gets doubled. :smile:


Sourabh Jain