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Go a little bit deeper into the Welcome Corner with blog posts. Learn how to get started in SAP Community and get tips on maximizing your participation.
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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

    The SAP Community has a lot to offer. The best way to benefit from it is learning about different aspects and features within it. Our beginner content and resources can help, along with the tutorials, in getting started. I consulted with SAP Community Champions, 8b889d0e8e6f4ed39f6c58e35664518f and susan.keohan for their insights into getting started in the Community. “The tutorial introducing SAP Community is very helpful to get the ‘lay of the land’ as is simply poking around the various sections”, says Bärbel. When asked how she got started in the Community, the Champion responded,  

“I started searching for answers and eventually asked questions of my own, triggering some interesting and helpful discussions. A while later - and after getting a prompt from another community member - I branched out into blogging.” 

Her key takeaway was, "It‘s a two-way-street and that it won‘t work if everybody just goes [to the Community] to find answers but doesn‘t provide some in return.” 

    Susan specified her first steps in the Community, “How did I work in the community when I first joined?  Well, that was a long time ago, and very far away.  I did search out tutorials and devoured them all.  I read the Q&A to see if there was something I could help with, or just file into a box of tricks for later.   I think that I made pretty good use of the community and would just like to add - it doesn't hurt at all to 'like' a question or a response - or to 'like' a blog post. It's just a click, and the OP might notice it and feel a little boost of happiness.” 

    If you’re looking to stick around and really connect, Susan says, “find the area that appeals to you.  See if there are any blog posts that interest you and ask questions in the comments if you feel comfortable - on topic questions of course.   While it's nice to see that people 'liked' your blog, or added comments like 'nice post!', it doesn't extend the conversation the way that a thoughtful question or comment did.  As for the Q&A, I only *just* learned that there is a 'I have a similar question' and I am so happy to see this feature (I know, I've been under a rock for a while).  This feature can let you be notified of other people who have found a solution.  It also really helps by reducing the number of potentially duplicate questions.”  

Finally, let’s take a deeper look at the specific tutorials we offer and their components: 

  1. Tour the SAP Community Tutorial This tutorial is exactly what it sounds like: a general overview of how to use/access features in the Community. These features can easily be overlooked (like setting your profile to public or controlling your notification settings) but once completed, you won’t be missing out on important updates, questions or answers you need.  

  2. Set up your SAP Profile Tutorial Through this walkthrough, you will be less anonymous within the Community and therefore easier to connect with. Additionally, you will have a more thorough explanation of all features within your profile.  

  3. Ask and Answer Questions Tutorial The Q&A forum is one of the most important and widely used features of the SAP Community. When used correctly, users can receive accurate and fast answers to even the most complicated questions. If you aren’t getting the answers you need, I would take the time to follow the steps on this page. 

  4. Write and Publish Blog Posts Tutorial You don’t have to be an award-winning writer to blog within the Community, but this tutorial will give you the building blocks of what makes a successful blog post, and how to then engage with and interact with your readers. 

  5. Hello World Mission This Mission is not a tutorial but it will aid in your connection and integration into the Community. Simply follow a Tag, a blog post, a person and a question.  

Once all of these Tutorials/Missions are completed you should have 5 new badges in your profile! Like this blog post if you already have these tutorials completed 😊  

To learn more about our SAP Champions like Bärbel and Susan, see our Champions page here.

Check out this Video for more tips and tricks to get started in the Community: 

(2) Getting Started on SAP Community - YouTube