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Dear SAP Community, we hope that you are having a good time engaging with your fellow community members during #SAPCommunity24. Each day you have heard from a different community team member. Today I’m sharing my interview with SAP Champion Dell Stinnett-Christy (DellSC) about what community means to her.

Please tune into the 3:52 interview

Here is a sneak preview 🥰

Me: Hi, Dell. Happy #SAPCommunity24. Tell us about yourself and, what are you up to this time of year?

Dell: Hi Stephanie, thanks. I am an SAP Champion. In the SAP Community I answer questions more than I blog. I am a consultant and I work with clients.  I'm a die-hard data geek. I'm also much closer to retirement than I am to the beginning of my career. I expect to retire in about 6 years. At this point in my career, it's all about doing work that I really enjoy, and one of the things that I enjoy is helping people out in the forums.

So, what am I doing this time of year? I'm getting ready for Christmas. One of my favorite jobs in the whole wide world is being grandmother to my 3 grandkids. So, I've been getting things set…

Me: Dell, how very sweet 🍭 What has it meant for you to be an SAP Champion? What advice can you give to others?

Dell: Well, the big thing, is that I was asked to be an SAP Champion late last year, but you know, beyond that I have been working in the SAP Community for years…. answering questions. I started answering questions in various forums over 20 years ago. It's my way of paying back and paying forward. I received a lot of help in various forums. Along the way, early in my career. And so, it's my way of paying back.

Me: That’s great. Dell, in 2023 we're looking forward to growing the community engagement even more. We want to get more SAP ecosystem members involved and even folks who may wonder is SAP for me. What is your outlook for 2023?

Dell: My outlook for 2023 in terms of the community is I'm going to just keep on doing what I'm doing. I’ll be answering questions for people who are trying to get started in the community.

For those who are new, I would start answering questions. You know, there's kind of two pieces to the community. And the trick with answering questions is don't be condescending but give all the steps, don't make any assumptions that the person asking the question knows anything.

Me: Very sound advice. Thank you. Well, it's such a special opportunity for me to speak with you Dell and just ask you these questions during #SAPCommunity24. It has been wonderful for others to hear your message and to our listeners.

To our listeners: Please check out the blogs and discussions everyday comment and engage with the community. We look forward to seeing you there. Take care everyone.

Now what? Leave a comment about your favorite way to engage in the SAP Community!

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