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Community Administrator
With the New Year, comes reflection on 2017, and the desire to further recognize some of the great contributions on the SAP Community. In that spirit, I hope you will enjoy this compilation of some of the outstanding blogs contributed last year, with a twist.

The idea for this retrospective was inspired by jelena.perfiljeva2’s "Blog Digest" series from January 2017. In it, I found blogs I was delighted to read, but that I don’t think would have gotten my attention otherwise. The new “Most Popular" (formerly, "Most Liked" blogs section on the SAP Community landing page gave me further encouragement, since it has also led me to great blogs that are in tags I don’t follow, or by authors I am not familiar with.

The twist is, that in the tradition of the Member of the Month, we decided to limit recognition to contributors who are not SAP Mentors or SAP Employees, since that status already helps generate attention and interest. These harder to notice posts were selected based on a combination of quality indicators by other members and traffic analytics to help sort them out. Our goal is to help bring blogs to your attention that you might have missed, while recognizing the contributors.

Please join me in congratulating these outstanding contributors. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, expertise and perspective by blogging on the SAP Community.



Putting this list together was immensely enjoyable for me. Reading through the contenders, it seemed the subject matter, which ranges from technical knowledge sharing, guidelines on how to handle answered questions, and feedback on things that need to improve here, represented our year on community well.

Despite our challenges, the spirit of knowledge sharing, onboarding and commitment to helping things get better came through. I am optimistic for 2018!

We hope to continue this initiative with similar bi-monthly retrospectives going forward. More details from me and jerry.janda  coming soon.

Many thanks to those who provided input as we put initiative together!