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Hello Everyone!

Active Participant

How are you doing?

It's so beautiful day today in Warsaw. I'm still waiting for my vacation but I enjoy each and every sunny afternoon in the garden, usually working (watering, mowing)

Are you back from your holiday or do you still waiting for you vacation?



Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hi @Bartek ! 

How was your vacation? Your summer day in the garden sounds nice. I like daydreaming about warmer months during winter (now) 😄

So when I think back of how I spent last summer, I remember that one lovely day I went swimming in a small lake not too far from where I live in Germany and I wondered why I hadn't been there before. I've never been to Warsaw (it's on my list) but just a couple of months ago I visited Wroclaw and really enjoyed it. Oohh and for the first time during my visit after couple of years I had Zurek again, the Polish soup made of sourdough... mmmhhh, delicious... I should visit Warsaw soon just to have it again!  ;D 

What also made me post here and contact you is that I saw a post in the career corner, where someone asked how it's like to live in Poland, especially in Warsaw. I thought I share it in this group to raise awareness with anyone who can chime in but also thought you might be a trusted person that could share your experience as a local with him. 🙂  

Best wishes and happy holiday season 🙂