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how come when i run in the background the report goes wrong (with a message text that i have from code) while when i run the report normally from se38 it works correctly? the report consists of downloading a file from al11 and saving it locally. ...
how to download an excel file from alv? LIST -> EXPORT -> LOCAL FILE</b> or<b> LIST -> EXPORT -> SPREADSHEET</b> export only the header without the data why?
I'm trying to use this ADD_CALENDAR_DAYS_TO_DATE fm to add days to the date. for example if I have the date 20.02.2019 and I have to add 3 days, I have to give the output of 23.02.2019. can you give me an example of how to do it with this fm, ...
fm REUSE_ALV_FIELDCATALOG_MERGE how do I use this fm with my internal report structure? DATA: BEGIN OF gt_tmp OCCURS 0, xblnr TYPE char40, budat TYPE char40, ...... DATA END OF gt_tmp. but using the "type" because all fields must be cha...
how do I see the error of why a job was interrupted? the spool doesn't show me much As an error it tells me "non-existent folder" but the folder in al11 exists and launching the report from se38 works correctly, what can it be? how do I see more de...