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If you are reading these lines, this means you are passionate about SAP.

As we all are!

This is the place where we sit around the fire and tell our stories. What makes you an SAP person? Something brought you here today, in SAP, in Thessaloniki! We want to know what motivated you to be here, now!

Sit around the fire with us and unveil your mystery!

Share your story with us in the comments!

Get some inspiration from this worldwide "My SAP Story" article and inspire us!

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TLTR in bold  😎

I was working as a business solutions manager, for a retailer who was using a local ERP product. We were facing issues with the rigidness of that software, when a 20-years-of-experience and dedicated ABAPer who has "Z"ed the whole universe, walked in as a client and told me about how and why SAP is the best ERP. I already was thinking to invest in becoming a dedicated ERP developer and that guy came as "Deus ex machina" to deliver me the message. That was it! I took a leap of faith there and from that managerial position I went back to square one, took my time and I reskilled in SAP in Deloitte DACC in Thessaloniki. After almost 4 years and after having developed and lead several applications and having gained again a leadership role, there was not a single moment to doubt that I made the best decision ever.

Find my comment here as well 😉

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