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YTD and Current month calcuation in same Graph/Table for the dimension values

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Hi Team,

       We have a requirement to display the Bar chart with YTD and Current month in the same.

We did the YTD but for the current month we are stuck.

Report is based on the HANA view based universe; we have the variables defined in HANA view directly and no variable in Webi or Universe.

When running the report the date is filed is poulated as shown below; but on single variable "Posting date" both 'Start Value' and 'End Value'.

The mesure 'amount' should display based on the 'End value' from the user Input.

Raw materialsAmount YTDAmount Current month  (05/15 based on the above example)

Also, we do have a dimension called 'Month'.

Acheived YTD using the formula "=([Amoun])/Count([Month])"

How to achieve the current month based on the variable from HANA veiws?



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I don't have much experience on HANA but it should be logically similar to:

=Sum[Amount] where Month(max([Posting Date]))=[Month]

Hope that helps you.


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Hi Ankush,

   I tried the below formuls, it display blank records on the columns

=([AmountLC]) Where (Max("pcHana Variable/ZXXXXL_DOC_LIST_QUERY/ZVAR_POST_DATE") =[Month])

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just try formula :

=([AmountLC]) Where (rank("pcHana Variable/ZXXXXL_DOC_LIST_QUERY/ZVAR_POST_DATE") =1)

I hope this will help.



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Did you skip writing month in front of the Max function? In this case you are comparing a date with a month. Please check again for that.