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Yet another subreport inquiry!

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Hi everybody!

I had to make about a dozen reports using CR2008 for our app. I am able to pass parameters and load these reports, but one. Only one of our reports have a subreport that summarizes data for every group in the main report.

When designing this report in CR2008 everything is just fine, all the data is there including the subreport for every group; but when loading it from (2002) app. only the main report shows its data. No promts or error messages are generated and the subreports contain no data. This subreport has a single parameter that is read off a mains's report field, which is the region_Id for every group.

Can anybody enlight us please! I have searched online looking for an answer, but have found non. Thanks for your time and interest.

Respectfully Your,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello ,

I recommend to use reports without subreports first. Can you see them in your web project ?

Than use report with subreports but without parameter. Can you see them ?

Then use reports with subreports and parameters.

At what stage do you face the first problem.

Please also use our samples on Diamond.

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