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XSLT Mapping

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I need to know about what is XSLT and brief on that. How its used in XI what kind of mappings we will go for XSLT.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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XSLT is more commonly used when you need to generate some complex structure,lets say you want the whole XML in a single tag on receiver side,then you can use CDATA in xslt and do the mapping.

Similarly depending upon other req. we select the best mapping technique

XSLT Mapping is used for various sorting.

when u think graphical mapping is very complex in ur scenario u can go for XSLT mapping.

plz refer:

XSLT Mapping






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Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Too generic a query.

XSLT stands for Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations. As the name mentions it is used to transform a specific structure into a target structure. There are 2 versions right of the same 1.0 and 2.0

The best place to learn about the same is

In XI XSLT cannot be developed internally and we have to use an external editor like stylusstudio, altova or the freely available cooktop. Once developed the .xsl file has to be either zipped or jar'ed and imported into XI under imported under the import archives.

Benefit of XSLT are,

1) It is a very easy to learn language

2) You do not need to worry about maintaining source and target schemas for each XSLT if you are using multiple XSLT's in sequence in the same Interface map, only schemas are needed to be maintained for the input of the first XSLT and output of the last XSLT.

3) It is not proprietory to XI, so you can use the map in other middlewares which support XSLT without making any modification.

4) You can develop XSLT in both the ABAP stack as well as Java stack, so depending on the requirement you can choose which one you need.

And there are many more, but the above are the few important ones.


1) Performance problems when it comes to large input handling as the data is stored in memory.

2) No graphical editor, hence debugging is a problem as you cannot view queues and contexts.


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XSLT is XML style sheet language.

the advntage of XSLT is that u will use it with X path,where u can traverse to the sub structures of the XMl document.

generally used with mail adapter

If u want to try XSLT mapping ..go through this blog by ashish../people/aashish.sinha/blog/2008/01/17/step-150-by-150-step-simple-approach-for-xslt-mapping

help link too will prove useful

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XSLT Mapping - When to use


1)When the required output is other than XML like Text, Html or XHTML (html displayed as XML )

2)When default namespace coming from graphical mapping is not required or is to be changed as per requirements.

3)When data is to be filtered based on certain fields (considering File as source)

4)When data is to be sorted based on certain field (considering File as source)

5)When data is to be grouped based on certain field (considering File as source)

Advantages of using XSLT mapping


1)XSLT program itself defines its own target structure.

2)XSLT programs can be imported into SAP XI. Message mapping step can be avoided. One can directly go for interface mapping once message interfaces are created and mapping is imported.

3)XSLT provides use of number of standard XPath functions that can replaces graphical mapping involving user defined java functions easily.

4)File content conversion at receiver side can be avoided in case of text or html output.

5)Multiple occurrences of node within tree (source XML) can be handled easily.

6)XSLT can be used in combination with graphical mapping.

7)Multi-mapping is also possible using xslt.

8)XSLT can be used with ABAP and JAVA Extensions

Disadvantages of using XSLT mapping


1)Resultant XML payload can not be viewed in SXMB_MONI if not in XML format (for service packs < SP14).

2)Interface mapping testing does not show proper error description. So errors in XSLT programs are difficult to trace in XI but can be easily identified outside XI using browser.

3)XSLT mapping requires more memory than mapping classes generated in Java.

4)XSLT program become lengthier as source structure fields grows in numbers.

5)XSLT program sometimes become complex to meet desired functionality.

6)Some XSL functions are dependent on version of browser.

Refer for XSLT.