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XI3.0 Sender RFC Adapter fails

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I get the following error message with RFC Sender Adapter (R/3 4.6C to XI):

"lookup of binding via CPA-cache failed for AdapterType RFC, AdapterNS".

Has anybody seen this before ?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello, : lookup of binding via CPA-cache failed

is a documented bug which is fixed in patch level 5 of XI AFC SP5

Please refer to SAP Notes 730870 and 775765 for the resolution.



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Thank you.

That is the first place I should have looked.



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Hello Sridhar,

We are currently experiencing the issue listed below:

"lookup of binding via CPA-cache failed for AdapterType RFC, AdapterNS"

for an RFC call to XI 3.0.

We are on SP9 and i have checked both of the OSS notes listed.

Any Ideas??

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I am on SP11 and am getting this error. I cleared cache, and that did not help. I found a posting concerning the RFC name changing on R3 and needing to be reimported. That is not my issue either. Has anyone learned more reasons for this error? Thanks

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I am running SP12 and was having this same issue. Here is the reply I received from SAP. It did fix my problem.

can you please try refreshing the cache, i.e.,


<host> is the Adapter Engine host

<J2EE-Port> is the HTTP port of the J2EE engine (The following naming

convention applies: 5<J2EE_instance_number>00. e.g. 50000, for example,

if your J2EE instance is 00

Log on with the XIDIRUSER user

If refreshing the cache does not resolve the issue then please check

the SAP Basis SWC in the Integration Repository for Adapter Metadata,



=> SAP BASIS 6.40


=> Adapter Objects

=> Adapter Metadata

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