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XI: ESB and BPM facility

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I am getting started to research SAP XI. I need to create a demo project and a presentation for my customer.

It is very important for customer to know Does XI support guaranteed delivery of messages? Is XI message oriented middleware (MOM) or only BPM tool? Has XI a message queue?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sergey,

<b>Welcome to XI.</b>

As a researcher in XI it is important for you to first understand the Netweaver Stack and the role of Exchange Structure in it. For this go through this link

SAP XI - Where to Find Information xi - where to find information.pdf

All the information you need in XI :

To understand the architecture of XI, Please go through this link,

You can also go through the url for Elearning :

XI is all about configuration of Adapters, to learn more please go through this link:

<i>BPM is not a tool but one of the most powerful feature of XI</i>, Business Process Management:

Once you go through these links and are a bit aware what all XI objects do, you can try a simple "File to File Scenario" which would help you to understand XI objects in a much better manner.

For help on this scenario go through this blog it is in two parts thus I am providing both links below:



I hope if it helps, you'll give me points.

Thanks & Regards

Varun Joshi

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Xi does support guaranteed delivery of messages once ur configurations are fine.For this purpose there is provision : exactly once in order(eoio) while defining the quality of service for async messages.

And as for the purpose of Xi : its basically used for integrating heterogeneous systems (sap and nonsap).....bpm is just another advantage of xi.......which helps to automate a process .A series of steps can be defined to depict the exact flow of messages.

Queues can be used for async processing which can be both on the inbound(from xi) and outbound side(to xi).

Please get back for further queries..



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Hi Sergery,

This will give you a sample demo example. Hope it helps..



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Hi Sergey,

Look at these links they might be useful for you :

>>I need to create a demo project and a presentation for my customer.

There are various weblogs available on different scenarios

>> Does XI support guaranteed delivery of messages?

>> For BPM

Hope this will be helpful.