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Xcelsius/ SAP Crystal Dashboard Design (Personal) on websites.

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I am aware that connected dashboards built with Departmental edition and started pack require viewing rights, so obviously can't be added to Web sites. But what about those built with Presentation and personal edition (present and engage)? There are no viewing licenses required to view these dashboards in an internal setting. But the license does specify that these dashboards are for 'internal business use' only. I have seen Xcelsius dashboards all over the internet and just wanted to make sure that this wasn't violating the license before I suggested it to my customers. Surely it only acts as good publicity for SAP?


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Thank you for the reply. I am not sure I phrased the question very well, as I said in the post I am aware Personal Edition does not require viewing licenses. What I was asking was whether the 'internal business use only' clause in the EULA prevented dashboards built with Personal Edition from being placed on external company sites?

If anyone could provide an answer to this it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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As per the EULA Xcelsius Interactive Viewing Licence is required for the same.

Go through the below links.

1. [;

2. []

3. [] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken];

For further details:


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