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Working SIA Node no longer part of cluster after running for about a week

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SIA Node of a freshly installed platform on a new server was once working (after having to run a "Repair" of the platform and some additional re-configuration of the SIA node).

The SIA node was part of a cluster and was able to log-in to CMC. After about a week of no activity (this is a pre-production environment), I was about to begin the Promotion Management to migrate content over and noticed the SIA Node is no longer part of a cluster. Upon restarting the SIA Node, the CMS runs for about 10 minutes with changing PID, then stops. The error_cms6400.log shows the following error:

33007 Cannot find the user, group or object 4.

35101 The root server reported an error Initialization Failure. (Reason: Cannot find the user, group or object 4.Cannot find the user, group or object 4. Object 4 not found ).

When I stop the SIA Node and go to Properties>Configuration, it says:

'Retrieving cluster Information'

'Failed to retrieve cluster name from the database.'

"CMS is not part of a cluster."

This is version: SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.3 Support Pack 2 Patch 3

What would have caused this to change if it was once working and there was no activity in this environment for a week?

Thank You.

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