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Workflow trigger points

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Hello experts,

I´m trying to find some tool or option how to find all trigger points in abap coding where is workflow starting.

we tried to create a loggin for slg0/slg1 at the first step of the workflow, but the information about the program/function are lost at the moment the workflow is started.

could you please help with it?

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Most of the standard workflow starts with events.

Those events can be send in differents ways :

- Coded within sap programs (like the BUS2012 RELEASEDSTEP )

- From modification document (check transaction SWEC)

- From status (like status of an Internal Order, QM notification ... ) Check transaction BSVW

- From Message (NACE output) or BRF+

- For HR (SWEHR1 & SWEHR2 SAP  & SWEHR3 Client)

So if you want to know if an event is started when something happen (when you create something or modify something) you should start the event trace (SWELS) do you action then check the trace (SWEL) 

Do not forget to turn off the trace after 

I hope this helps