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Workflow query - user action

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I try to create a query that shows:

1 - specific tasks;

2 - if the recipient has read the message;

3 - in which folder are the messages.

I've found the table SWWWIHEAD for the 1st point. Could you please help me to find the other informations?

Thanks and regards

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Answers (1)

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Your question is not consistent. Tasks and messages are two very, very different things. Which are you referring to?

SWWWIHEAD refers to tasks, but tasks are not 'read' and are not in folders so points 2 and 3 are irrelevant for tasks. Also direct table access is not the preferred way to do things.

Have you looked at whether the standard tools can fulfil your needs? Even though your question is a bit unclear, if it's about workflow tasks then SWI5 might do what you're after.