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Workbook Precalculation by Determine from Variants

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We have a workbook including 30 queries which is developed in BW 3.x Analyzer.

These queries's varialbe selections are all the same.

In configuratio of information broadcast, we use determining from variants . The variant is saved on one of these queries.

If we run the workbook from BEx, that is fine.

The other queries could read the variable value from the variant.

But when using workbook precalculation, the value in the variant could not refresh all queries, and it just refreshes the query which the variant is saved on.

So how can I solve it ?

Thank you for your suggestion.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Bad news, I'm afraid... unless something has changed very recently, you can only broadcast a workbook with a single query attached - in my experience, broadcasting can involve quite a lot of rehashing the workbooks to get them ready.


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If using a dummy query to hold variable selections, other queries use user exit variables to read variable value from the dummy query. It could solve this problem, but I have to create more queries whose variable is uing user exit variable.

It is terrible.

So I still want to find a fine solution to it.

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I am sorry Harlem as Patrick mentioned (unless we have missed a Support Package) - you cannot precalc any workbook that has multiple queries embedded in it

Sure the first query fires - but the subsequent ones no matter what they look up won't fire

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Hello Simon,

Can you tell me which support package is must, inorder to use the precalculate the web templet which use's more than two queries.

We have BW 7.10 and SP 14.

Please Help,


Nisha Jagtap.

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