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Workbook – filter for all “querys” at same time – BW version 7.0

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Good afternoon,

I´d to know what I must to do for the filter apply in all querys in the same WorkBook.

I have one workbook with three querys with the same filter. The first time the system filter all of them, but when you must navigate the system only applies the filter to the first query.

What I have to do to apply the filters to all queries ?

Thank you very much,

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Marcio,

When you call the variable screen, in deed the variable values appears for all three queries.

But during the navigation, each navigation panel is associated to one DataProvider.

This dataprovider has a query or queryview assigned.

The only possible way to do that is setup for all three Analays Grid, that display the query results, the same dataprovider.

For that case, any navigationg, filtering will reflect for all three Grids.

Check atatchment: Solution.png

I hope it helps.

Best Regards,



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Edward, good morning,

Thanks for your answer. Your solution works fine.

Please, I wonder if it is possible the grid respect the filter size used?

For example, when you run the query with 10 materials and when performing 2 materials, the grid size is different, and it would be good if the end result size is also self adjust.

Thanks again,

Have nice week,

Márcio H.K.

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