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Work time use to solve Support Message

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Hi Gurus

Well, my question is very simple and I just need to

know is there some way to register the time deployed

to solve Support Message (Service desk Scenario) by

the Message Procesor or Service team?? and is there a

report that show me that time or work effort by message processor or Service Team??

I know, in Service Order is possible Service Confirmation but it is other scenario, please give me your suggetion.

Best regards

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Hi Efrain,

If you are referring to Service level reporting or the SLA adherance idea in SOLMAN, then its in. Please check the below info.

Also CRMD_ORDER is used to create the contracts.

Hopefully it helps.



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Hello Pusapati

Thanks for your reply, in fact I´m using SLA and contracts and above link could be useful, but there is another way to register the time used to solve a ticket for a mesage processor and run a report that show me for each Message processor their reponse time..'

Anyway, your hints is very helpful!!!!

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Hello Efrain,

I have not worked with SLA contracts yet but check if the following give you any tips:

The standard actions regarding SLA are only triggered via the report

RSPPFPROCESS (or transaction CRMC_ACTION_JOB). Check the

standard actions concerning the SLA deadlines, SERVICE_ORDER_ITEM_SLA_START and SERVICE_ORDER_ITEM_SLA_END, these action will be executed when saving the Support Desk message

To check the action setting please check the field "Processing Time" in

the action definition. Using this value you can define when the action

is executed.

Check also notes:





Hope this helps,