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Windows Gui - Running on a Mac.

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Intresting little snippet of information.

We have managaed to get the Windows version of SAP GUI running on OSX Lepoard, using

sun global desktop.

Quite neat.

Works perfectly on version GUI version 7.10, without any issues.

runs in in an X window, really bit of clever technology.

If anyones intresting i can get some info...............

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Answers (4)

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Whoa! And there is another way!

Install VmWare or Parallels on your Mac, with Windows in it. Install sapgui for windows into the vmware machine. Set it into its "Unity" mode, which means that the sapgui floats around on the mac desktop like a native application. Parallels has the same thing with a different name. You can even add it permanently to the dock. When you double-click it, Vmware automatically starts the virtual machine and then disappears, and SAP Logon appears like it is native. You can do it for other useful stuff like BC Developer too.

Of course, SAPGui for Java is the ideal solution in most cases. Seems to work just fine, although I have 3 problems reported at the moment for Web Dynpro Explorer, but then again I was surprised it worked as well as it did.

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I currently use parallels on my MacBook (Air). I've just installed SAPGUI 7.10 on Win in Parallels virtual machine.

It seems itu2019s workin great..

It even seems it works greater than my PC laptop.

I did a few things but I still don't have any troubles.

If I should experience some problems I'll post them.

See ya


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Another alternative is RDC on Mac which provides Windows Terminal Services access on Mac OS X. It's free:

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I am highly interested in this as well. Can you please post more details?

Thanks a lot,


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Technically the system works as follows, on a basic level. I'll post a systems architecture pic at some point.

Log to Sun Global Desktop via the web.

Usuall list of applications down the left hand side.

Clicking on windows apps such as Word, Excel takes you off to a windows terminal server.

The terminal server session that is running the GUI is displayer on you mac as an xwindows session.

You can then log into the GUI as normal.

whats occuring is a vitual server session runnings on a windows box that is displayed on a mac via x-windows.

The version of the gui that works via SGD is 7.10

Regards ( If that makes sense)


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That's interesting. Can you explain some more?