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Windows Application Log - WebIntelligenceProcessingServer1 is being marked as down

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Almost every day, we are seeing a error in the Windows Application Log on one of our nodes – “CMS Server Watcher: server named '[ServerName].WebIntelligenceProcessingServer1' is being marked as down because it is unresponsive”. We don't see any issues with Webi, or have calls from customers complaining of issues. We know some users are trying to do too much with Webi and occasionally it times out or hits limits.

We have Auditing set to the default level.

We have a two node system. Each node has a Webi APS setup with these Services -

  • Document Recovery Service
  • Rebean Service
  • Web Intelligence Monitoring Service
  • Custom Data Access Service
  • Excel Data Access Service
The Heap size is set to 8 GB on each of these Webi APS's

Our Current Configuration is:

  • Business Objects 4.2 SP9
  • 2 nodes (Virtual Machines with: OS = Windows Server 2016 / 28 GB RAM / 8 CPU's)
  • Dedicated SQL server (Virtual Machine with: OS = Windows Server 2016 / MS SQL Server 2016 / 12 GB RAM)
Any ideas?

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Answers (3)

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The error occurred yesterday during work hours. I checked the Web Intelligence Processing Server in the CMC, and it was running without issues.

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I haven't looked at the servers in the CMC when it has happened. It often happens in the early morning when our daily scheduled report runs are happening, or in the early evening after I've clocked out for the day. I'll keep an eye out for it next time it happens when I'm at my desk. The WebIntelligenceProcessingServer(s) are always running when I check them - so they must be restarting (if they are stopping). Looking at a recent log file named: webiserver_[servername].WebIntelligenceProcessingServer1_trace.001969.glf

I see this entry that occurred within one minute of the error:

ServerLifeCycleManager.cpp:278:bool __cdecl ServerLifeCycleManager::checkInactivity(void): TraceLog message 1203

|c55b0100-7f77-e574-ba70-2fccaa82b7ae|2023 11 16 12:21:18:595|-0800|Error| |>>|E| |webiserver_[servername].WebIntelligenceProcessingServer1|19476|15704|| |15|0|1|0|Webi SDK.CorbaServerImpl.doProcess()|[servername]:2888:87.88262:1|Webi SDK.CorbaServerImpl.doProcess()|[servername]:2888:87.88262:1|webiserver_[servername].WebIntelligenceProcessingServer1.closeInstanceEx|localhost:19476:16200.38263:1|Cj06IL0KskGRiWFIiEWpaOk158c4|||||||||||**ERROR:ServerLifeCycleManager:NOT AN ERROR: INFORMATION: server is stopping on inactivity timeout [ServerLifeCycleManager.cpp;278]‑

tracemgr.cpp:358:void __cdecl TraceManager::Trace::FlushToTrace(const class std::basic_string<char,struct std::char_traits<char>,class std::allocator<char> > &,enum ITraces::Level): TraceLog message 1

See anything in there that gives a clue?

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The Webi APS is not the same thing as the Web Intelligence Processing Server. What is showing in the CMC when this happens? Does the server process restart automatically? What do the Webi Processing Server logs show is happening?