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Why my TaxCalculationProcedure doesn't run?

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Hello experts,

I have a doubt related to Tax Calculation Procedure.

In my case, I have created a BCC for BO TaxCalculationProcedure and assigned to a Country:

Then, I've created a Enhancement for CalculationProcedureForTaxes (filter is configured to scoped previous TaxCalculationProcedure).

and the following dummy code in the ABSL:

import AP.FO.PriceAndTax.Global;

var result : PriceAndTaxItemCalculateTaxOutbound;
var caltab : collectionof TaxCalculationInput;
var caltabout : collectionof TaxCalculationOutput;
var calinout : TaxCalculationOutput;
var calin  : TaxCalculationInput; 
var taxbaseamount1;
var taxlevelid;
caltab = InputData.TaxCalculationInput;

 foreach  (calin in caltab ){
	calinout.DeductiblePercent = calin.DeductiblePercent;
	calinout.TaxBaseAmount.content = 100 * 10;
	calinout.TaxPercent = 15;
result.PriceAndTaxItemCalculateTaxOutbound = caltabout;
return result;

Then, I created the BAC scoping all elements in my solutions and deployed:

Then, I went to Business Configuration and selected the question to include my configuration in project.

I would expect that, with this configuration, everytime a tax is calculated in SAPByD, my Tax Calculation Procedure would execute (and a breakpoint place in code, would be hit), but my code is never reached.

What could it be wrong or missing?

Thanks in advance.

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