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Why doesn't table refresh when changing the values of measure input control in optimized story?

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Here is the scenario:

I have created a new model and on top of it I have created optimized story. Now, when I'm adding measure input control to filter on measures the table is not refreshing when I'm trying to switch between other measures.

When I removed and again added the measure input control, it started to work but after some time it stopped refreshing again. This is really strange behavior that I'm observing in optimized story.

Anyone who has faced similar kind of issue or knows the workaround in this case. Their comments would be deeply appreciated.


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Answers (2)

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Can you please share which version you are using? In the latest version, this issue doesn't exist.

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In the latest version of SAC, the measure input control works perfectly, however, if you are having an issue with measure input control then there can be two reasons one is the Internet connection and the second could be the data source.

Best Regards,

Sandip Kumar.