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Why does a question tagged with " SQL | UI Web Dynpro ABAP" show up in community "SAP SQL Anywhere"?

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I'm just about to try to get to know – "try to understand" would be a huge exaggeration – this new tagged community.

However, as there are currently just 2 meta-questions here (*) and that new one "take value from string for where condition", why does that show up here when it's tagged with "SQL | UI Web Dynpro ABAP"?

I'd thought the tagging would be the core of the new community?

(Note: I don't bother whether that particular question is found here, although IMHO it seems unrelated to SQL Anywhere, it's just a question how the tags work.)


(*): EDIT: Oops, I'm wrong, those questions are shown currently when entering the SQL Anywhere community via

After I've asked my questions, I'm led to the "SQL Anywhere tag" page, and there are several more questions.

Resume: Another attempt to understand that new place has failed, back to the friendly forum.

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Poor me, now I don't even find out on what "tagged" search page I've been on.

Frankly, you don't want me to tell what I'm thinking of that UX.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Volker,

to stay on your example, if you look at it, above the title of the question you'll see the primary tag. The user chose "SAP SQL Anywhere", so that's why it shows up with the "SAP SQL Anywhere" content. 🙂

"SQL | UI Web Dynpro ABAP" are additional tags (user tags) he used to further kind of describe the content.

In the old platform you could also add tags like that to content. And you could mention other spaces and the content would then appear on the homepage of that space in a special widget (don't remember the name) and if you followed that mentioned space, you'd see that content also in your activity stream.

So choosing a primary tag is mandatory, but you can also add a secondary tag and your content will then also appear in the content list of that tag. Kind of like cross-posting, but the legal kind.

I hope this adds to your knowledge about "this new tagged community"? Maybe you can understand it a bit better, now? 😉



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Steffi, that seems reasonable - so then the original poster could have chosen a better primary tag. Thanks for letting me know.

Best regards


Answers (1)

Answers (1)


Hello Volker,

This question showed up on the Using Questions roll page because you tagged Using as the secondary tag. This also shows up where it was tagged as a primary tag.

Given this question should be tagged under Using as the primary tag (as this was a bug report), I will change the primary tag for you. If you would like to learn more about tags in the new community please read: