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Why add a sharing reference to "usermanagement" in portalapp.xml?

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Why do I have to use the sharing reference to "usermanagement" in the portalapp.xml?

What is the purpose?

Why can't I just add the jar to my lib and import it in my implementing class?

Is the foll entry necessary? :



<property name="Sharing Reference" value=",usermanagement"/>

<property name="releasable" value="true"/>



whats the significance of "releasable" property?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Developer Advocate
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Hi Jack,

Karthick is correct. Just to summarize:

For every component/service you reference, you need a:

  • Design-time reference, so the project can compile (adding JAR to classpath in NWDS).

  • Runtime reference, so the portal enables the application to reference the needed application during runtime (portalapp.xml SharingReference).

As for releaseable, the Portal Developer Guide explanation is as following:

"Indicates whether the system can release instances of this application when the system runs low on memory.

Since applications can be deployed during runtime, all applications can be released and application instances can be dropped at any time by the system."

Hope this helps.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Jack,

Portalapp.xml is nothing but your Deployment Descriptor.

You must add Sharing Reference in your Deployment Descriptor- Portalapp.xml.

Then only at runtime your application will be able to find the services like "usermanagement" etc.

Adding the jar file is to resolve the errors in your NWDS.

You read this documentation then you will come to know why you have to add the Sharing Reference in your Portalapp.xml.

If you need more info regarding this let me know.


Karthick K Eswaran