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When to use "Only PSA, Update Subsequently in Data Targets"?

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We load data to a master data, in the InfoPackage, under the 3rd tab "Processing", in most cases, the 1st radio button "PSA and then in the InfoObject (Package by Package)" is usually checked. But sometimes we can see someone would like to check 3rd radio button "Only PSA, Update Subsequently in Data Targets", we wonder in which case to use this 3rd radio button?


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Hi Kevin,

It is used specially when you need to set up error handling and use referential integrity checks. It is also a 'safe' method as all the data is brought into the PSA first, and then loaded into the data target. If this is a longer running load, or source system connectivity is an issue, then you can bring the data into the PSA first, and then load to the data target.

Hope this helps...

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If that master data contian duplicate vaule then u go for 3rd option(ignore duplicate records)