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What's the major difference between live and import Conection in SAP Analytics cloud??

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Can anyone explain me clearly what is the difference between live and import connection(Datasource) in SAP analytics Cloud, what is the refresh time for both and which is better for SAP SAC ??

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Developer Advocate

Differences to help customers make decisions which type of connections to choose are described in the following documentation:


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Answers (2)

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Hi vijaysureyen_ap82

There are many differences between Live and Import/Acquired method. Also there is difference between the type of live source (Live to S4, Live to BW, Live to HANA etc. ) There is slight differences between the live sources too.


Live to S4

1. All your calculations, hierarchy, input prompts etc. should be done at source level

2. This has the real time data, with all refresh you get the updated data. (Refresh time can also be configured in SAC)

Live to Enterprise HANA

1. Allows creating some calculations and some modelling to be done at SAC model level.

2. This has the real time data, with all refresh you get the updated data. (Refresh time can also be configured in SAC)


1. Complex calculations, Hierarchies, Input Prompts can be created at SAC model level.

2. This is not real time data. The refresh depends on frequency of the Import Job scheduled.

Likewise there are differences between the Import and Acquired Connections


Sayed Zubair

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The difference between Live and Import connections in SAC are


1. Do not replicate data.

2. Data modeling is already done in the backend.

3. Updation of data visualization and stories with new data in real-time.

4. When we want the data in on-premise system behind the firewall and don't want to move data elsewhere we use the live connection.


1. Data is imported or copied to SAC.

2. Replicate data.

3. We have to create a model through modeler.

4. Updation of visualization and stories are done when refreshed.

When there is huge data, it is better to use import connections as in live connection data are fetched from the backend which takes time as compared to import connection.