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What is Visual Composer ?

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What is Visual Composer and how to use this.

How it is different from Web Dynpro Programming ?

Kindly suggest me with some example program to practice.



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Answers (2)

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Hi shridar,

So, if I understand you correctly, every Dynpro app can be made with VC as well.

I want to make my application based upon webservices. So all my application functionality is in those services.

Only thing to do in Dynpro or VC is to make the user interface.

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With Visual Composer you model an application and then generate the application with different UIs, like Flex or Web Dynpro. As this is a modelled application, it currently uses only a subset of the functionality that WebDynpro offers.

If you create an application with WebDynpro tools, then you can use more features there and also add coding manually.

Depending on what your application needs, VC offers not necessarily the same scope. VC has a much better BI integration, while WebDypro is better on transactions.

Under the assumption that you have an application that can be built equally well with VC and WebDynpro, then VC might be the much faster tool.

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Hi Venkatesan,

Visual Composer is Web Based RAD Tool. You can do normal complexity application on Visual Composer with little technical Knowledge.

Whatever the application you can develop on Web Dynpor the same application,you can develop on Visual

composer Also with lesser time.

<b>About Visual composer</b>


If you are using VC first ime you have to get Adove SVG viewer - Search in Google.

Once you Install that SVG Viewr

Access VC like this http://Server:portno/VC/default.jsp

Create a VC Project like this.

Model -> New Model -> Create a Package -> Create a Page and iview.

If you want to access R/3 Function, then create a System. The same system you can access it from Find Data.

Select your System -> Select your service -> bapi*

From the Search Results Take a Function and drag it to Created iView.

For that Model(Function)Create Input and Output by selecting required fields.

Deploy this application.

Uses with VC : -

When you Deploy this application, you will get all the related iview and pages in the Portal -> content Administration.

Less time to develop application with high look and feel.

Pure web based tool.