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what is to be given archive file name?

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I am importing a standard aplication "welcome"

by following the following steps:

file->import->par file.

now it asks for 3 things .

what is to be given in archive file name.

For project root folder: i m selecting "welcome"

from the Program Files\SAPinst_WAS\J2EE-CD\IDE\eclipse\workspace\welcome .

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Answers (3)

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Hi kamlesh,

If its an already existing project u should go for importing existing project option not for a par file and if its a par file u can do as said by detlev.



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Hi Kamlesh,

> what is to be given in archive file name

The "Archive file name" is the full qualified name of the PAR to be imported. You can browse for this PAR.

Next entry is "Project name". This is the name of the project to be created. When you try to deploy the project later on, NWDS initially suggests this name as the name of the PAR file (but you can modify it, and this modification would be used next time you'd try to deploy again).

> For project root folder: i m selecting "welcome"

The "Project root folder" is the folder under which the project will be created. This should be somewhat constantly for all projects you are creating.

So if you want to import "", which is on your hard disc under c:/someFolder, the entry for "Archive file name" would be "c:/someFolder/".

If you want to use the same namespace as given, under "Project name" you'd just use "". If you want to do midifications and to deploy the resulting PAR under a different namespace, you could use "".

And last but not least under "Project root folder" you can use something like "c:\sap" or "c:\development\portalprojects"...

Hope it helps


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Are you importing a Web Dynpro application or a Portal application?

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I am importing a portal application.

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No offence, but why are you asking this question in the Web Dynpro forum and not in one of the Enterprise Portal forums?