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What is the use of database in WAS

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I would like to install sneak preview(full java edition).

and we have to provide any of the databases(oracle, sql server,db2) kind of databases.

What is the use of these databases?

what exactly the structure of these databases in terms of portal?

reply ASAP

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hi Venuthurupalli,

Database is the place where all your data sits on. the reply sounds kiddish.. but its THE REPLY.. all your standard - screens, tables, reports, transactions, and user defined screens, tables etc are stored in tables only.

So, DB is the foundation. In the case of Stand alone Java Stack, all your METADATA information gets stored in the db.

Data pertaining to your Visual administrator functions are saved only in Tables.

Hope this cleared your doubt.



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Hi arun,

Its correct all information regarding the portal is stored in database.

But my doubt is what is the structure of the database where this information is stored.

How it is compatible with any database.

I mean at the installation time we can give any type of database.(oracle, sql server, db2.....).

Every database has its own advantages.

In that point i would like to know more about this?

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>>what is the structure of the database where this information is stored

In WebAS 640, the data gets stored in SAPDATA drive. while you are installing you may find a structure like <<root folder>>\Oracle\<SAPSID>\ and list of folders inside this like oraarch,sapdata1,sapdata2 etc.. its here your data gets stored.. this is a growing folder, you will find this folder size growing as your server gets used more...

>>How it is compatible with any database

That is SAP's problem. it knows the structure of each database (like what i pointed out for Oracle) and writes the installation data accordingly..

>>Every database has its own advantages.

YES.. and it depends upon the developer and your Customer to choose which ever database you want. i guess sometime ago, we didn't have a kernal for Oracle - Unicode - combination.. so it all depends upon the requirements and cost factors that decide your choice of database.

its similar to choosing between SAP and ORACLE for ERP implementations. both have their own pros and cons.. so unless the Ground is clearly defined, you can't answer to choosing what to what..