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what is SAP NetWeaver ? How is that related to J2EE Technologies?

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Can anyone plz explain what exactly is SAP NetWeaver and how this is related to J2EE. explain with example if possible.

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And don't use Web Dynpro for Java because the tools have way too many bugs besides all the limitations imposed by this proprietary technology.

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SAP as the name itself indicates Systems Applications and Products it integrates People,Information,Process and all these sits and runs on Application Plotform.

Detials are availble in below link

Application plotform can be Java Edition orAbAP eition refer this link

Using NWDS (Integrated Development Environment) and Java WAS you can develop all java applications (simple Java, JSP,J2EE).

Hope this info helped you



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SAP NetWeaver currently consists of the following products:

SAP Web Application Server ( WAS )

SAP Enterprise Portal

SAP Business Information Warehouse ( BIW )

SAP Exchange Infrastructure

SAP Knowledge Management ( KM )

SAP Mobile Infrastructure – Not yet fully released

SAP Master Data Management ( MDM )

SAP Composite Application Framework

SAP Life Cycle Management

The fragrance/essence of integration of all of the above in a unified development platform is called SAP NetWeaver. So, the name Integrated Development Environment ( IDE ) inherited for SAP NetWeaver.

SAP Ntweaver is basis for all SAP solutions on a given hardware. The business applications and the SAP xApps use the key areas of SAP NetWeaver .

SAP NetWeaver is designed to support the Microsoft .NET™ and IBM WebSphere standards .



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I am giving you one link and i do hope this will help you to solve your prob.


Mrutyunjaya Tripathy

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Hi Madan,

<b>SAP NetWeaver</b> is a comprehensive integration and application platform, that works with your existing IT infrastructure to enable and manage change. With <b>SAP NetWeaver</b>, you can flexibly and rapidly design, build, implement, and execute new business strategies and processes.

<b>SAP NetWeaver</b> unifies integration technologies into a single platform and is preintegrated with business applications, reducing the need for custom integration. The platform is based on industry standards and can be extended with commonly used development tools such as <b>Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE</b>); Microsoft .NET; and IBM WebSphere.

As of <b>SAP NetWeaver 04</b>, ITS is now available that is being integrated into the <b>SAP NetWeaver component</b> <b>SAP Web Application Server 6.40</b> as an Internet Communication Framework (ICF) service, which can, like other services, be accessed through the Internet Communication Manager (ICM). With the ITS integrated in the SAP Web Application Server, the web browser now communicates directly with the SAP System.

<b>J2EE and Java</b> are generally accepted as the standard Web programming technologies. <b>SAP Web Application Server has both an ABAP and a J2EE personality</b>, supporting both programming environments in a common, integrated infrastructure.

Hope this helps.



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Hi Madan,

SAP NetWeaver integrates various different technological concepts and previous platforms in a single solution.

Main components of this are ,

1) People Integration

2) Information Integration

3) Process Integration and

4) Application Platform.

People Integration


refer this link for more help for Portal

refer for Mobile application Help

Information Integration


Process Integration


Application Platform


Madan , u have to patiently go through these helps..

Frankly speaking , if u are a beginner ,it will take some time .. thats common for all.. never mind...

Madan ,

Most of the components in NetWeaver Technology is using Java Runtime .

As J2EE technology is a open technology , and its is too easy for J2EE applications to access through Web.

So if u have a java background , it will more easy to understand the concepts and application developments in NetWeaver platform..

All components in NetWeaver technology have its own use .Not so easy to become an expert in all. My opinion is ,if u have Java and ABAP experience , then start from Application Platform and Enterprise Portal First...

On the way u will get why i suggetst like this....

Let me know u have doubts..may be i can help u..


Kishor Gopinathan