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What is SAP APIs?

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What does the abbreviation API stand for?

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Hi Leon

As Tammy mentions, API is short for Application Programming Interface. That basically means a computer system making a piece of functionality available to be called over a network.

In 2020, the word usually refers to APIs based on the HTTP protocol, i.e. the protocol that runs the web. So in a nutshell, you make an HTTP request, and get information back.

You might issue a GET /customer/1234 request to a server, to get information about the customer with ID 1234. The information might be returned in XML or JSON format.

The format itself might be documented elsewhere, but technologies like SOAP and OData have API metadata built in (e.g. what does a request look like, and what does a response look like).

You can find all the APIs offered by SAP products on the SAP API Business Hub.



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Hi - it means application programming interface; please see