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What i need to know to call a bapi in sap system using jco?

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Hello, i have to integrate a sap system E11. I want to read some data from sap and bringing them into my application using jco and camel. I would like to call some bapi of the sap system. Actually i dont have any information about the SAP system of my company, i have only the ip address of the Application Server, an user and a password. I would like to ask you, what kind of information i need exatly to connect to the sap system with JCO? I ask this in order to be able to ask the right information to my SAP admin. I think i need a RFC destination but i don't know where i can find it. Is it in charge of SAP admin to give me the RFC/BAPI endpoint or what?

What kind of techinal information i need to connect to the SAP server?

Have I other ways to read data from sap system using JCO without bapi? What you suggest?

Any information would be appreciated since i'm really new to SAP systems as u can understand.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Andrea,

I suggest that you check the tutorial included in the downloads and read the documentation available from it will help you to understand more what it means to use JCo. Most of your current questions are very generic and not concrete and therefore tough to answer in detail

A BAPI is a remote enabled function module that follows certain rules, not a separate thing.

Best regards