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What are we supposed to do with SAP Signavio trial?

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In openSAP course that just ended we were told there is 30-day trial access available for SAP Signavio. I've just signed up and got in and... I don't get it. What are we supposed to do there?

What I'm seeing is an empty Hub and a big Create button. Almost all items under that button just open a diagram editor with different tool selection. Cool but I can make diagrams in Visio.

Where is all the process intelligence etc. stuff that we learned about in the course? I was expecting some kind of sample model available that we could use to explore the features we learned about in the course. But I don't see anything resembling that... There is no guidance and Help is not helpful either.

This picture is literally all there is available. Where is all the actual process mining and intelligence stuff? Is it not included in Trial? Or am I missing something?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Jelena

The Signavio 30 Day trial is limited to certain functionalities of Signavio like Process Manager, Collaboration Hub. It doesn't include Process Intelligence.

SAP provides Signavio Demo Scripts via Partner Demo Environment; you can access SAP Partner Demo Environment :

You can check this link to know about SAP Partner Demo Environment

You can also explore Process Explorer. Go to the link and click 'Access it now' button, which will lead to Process Explorer tenant. You need to have an active SAP SUserId to access Process Explorer.

To know more about Process Explorer, refer to Unit 4 of Unit 5

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Hi Sridharan! Thanks for a quick response. I've tried your link with my partner SID and I'm getting "not authorized". Apparently others at my company, even admins get the same. We're checking on what could be the issue but it's a bit odd.

I've just stumbled upon this post asking about whether Process Intelligence is included in trial and it appears that it's included (or at least was at the time of that post) but for some reason you need to send some email to activate it. If I may say, this is rather silly process, especially for a product that is meant to help to improve business processes. Shoemaker with no shoes kind of situation. 🙂

I hope both sign-up process and transparency on what is included or not can be improved going forward.

Thank you!

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Hi Jelena - Thanks for your interest in SAP Signavio and completing the OpenSAP course. You may need a little orientation to get started properly. Full documentation is at and you should go for process manager user guide here Here. The hub page you are looking at is mainly for published diagrams although you can also perform many functions from here. From the screen you provided if you click the dropdown next to your name and select Process Manager this allows you to access another interface and further configuration settings. There are also some restrictions with the trial (for instance you need to request process intelligence). If you contact me at and explain your circumstances like region and intended use for Signavio etc I may be able to point you to a partner manager or commercial colleague depending on your circumstances to organise an orientation session to get you started. Thanks.