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Webinar: Cross-Component Business Process Management (CCBPM) with XI 3.0

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<b>SAP NetWeaver Know-How Network Webinar:</b>

<i><b>Cross-Component Business Process Management (CCBPM) with XI 3.0</b></i>

<b>Wednesday, April 14, 2004</b>

<b>8 a.m. PDT</b> • <b>11 a.m. EDT</b> • <b>4 p.m. BST</b> • <b>5 p.m. CEST</b>

On Wednesday, April 14, Jerome Delune, SAP NetWeaver RIG XI Consultant, is hosting the webinar entitled <b>Cross-Component Business Process Management (CCBPM) with XI 3.0</b> as part of the ongoing <i>SAP NetWeaver Know-How Network Webinar Series</i>.

Jerome has over six years of experience with SAP technology, as a technical consultant and product manager. He specializes in ramp-up consulting and knowledge transfer activities for the SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI). His previous areas of focus include SAP Basis technology, SAP Web Application Server, and SAP Business Connector.

Here’s how Jerome describes his webinar presentation:

"In this session we will introduce the Business Process Management (BPM) initiative at SAP and focus on cross-component BPM within SAP Exchange Infrastructure. The main focus will be on the architecture and technical features of CCBPM, which is fully integrated with SAP XI 3.0."

SDN invites you to post your questions to the presenter prior to the webinar and continue the online discussion afterward.

<b>Dial-in Information:</b>

Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Time: 8 a.m. PDT • 11 a.m. EDT • 4 p.m. BST • 5 p.m. CEST

Within the U.S., call: +1.888.428.4473

Outside the U.S., call: +1.651.291.0618

Password: NetWeaver04

<b>WebEx Information:</b>

Topic: SAP NetWeaver Know-How Network

Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Time: 8 a.m. PDT • 11 a.m. EDT • 4 p.m. BST • 5 p.m. CEST

Meeting Number: 742391500

Meeting Password: netweaver04 (lowercase)

WebEx Link:

<b>Replay Information:</b>

A recorded replay of this call will be available for approximately three months after the webinar. Access this recording by dialing the appropriate number and using the replay access code 720136.

Toll-free: +1.800.475.6701

International: +1.320.365.3844

<b>About the SAP NetWeaver Know-How Webinar Series</b>

The <i>SAP NetWeaver Know-How Webinar Series</i> is driven by the SAP NetWeaver Regional Implementation Group (RIG), part of the SAP Development organization. The mission of the SAP NetWeaver RIG is to enable customers, employees, and partners to successfully implement the SAP NetWeaver solution. This SAP RIG has expertise in BI, EP, XI, and WebAS. They contribute their implementation expertise to the SDN implementation forums as well as to the <i>SAP NetWeaver Know-How Webinar Series</i>.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Well, Good to have it.

I would like to attend the same from INDIA.

How much time it will take? so that I can plan from my work schedule.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Jerome,

Please post the presentation slides in the SDN since many of us can't attend the session at the scheduled time. Voice recording is available for replay.

thanks & Regards,


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Hello Jerome,

I would not be able to attend the whole session as I will be in a meeting but I do have questions on the following points (mostly integrations points):

In terms of BPM, there are jobs that are needed to be completed in R/3 before and Idoc is sent out. Can BPM be in synch with the SAP R/3 job? Not in terms of scheduling hours, but in terms of task completing: R/3 job completed = start of BPM, let's say.

As I understand XI, it is mostly a Web service provider: supporting both WSDL and UDDI? If does not support WSDL and UDDI, does support Web Services as a provider and consumer, then an external program can do inbound and outbound with XI, right?

XI has been said to provide JMS - Java Messaging Services. Is it fully functional for JMS calls (with SAP WAS), or do I need to install IBM MQ Series?

XI does integrate itself with MDM. Should the logical data filtering done more at the MDM level or XI. As mentioned in one of the examples of MDM presentation, let's say you would like to propagate the data to a particular region only, there should be filtering for that data, so should it be done with MDM or XI?

Thank you!