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WebI schedule historical instance security issue

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I’m trying to create a group which allow users to schedule report in certain folder. Group has been created successfully. I’ve also assigned the “Schedule” default custom access to the folder, so that went well too. Now, when I log in with the user account I can schedule the report and can see the the instance number/s. unfortunately, I don’t get any “history” menu option to see the report instances. I get all the options like 1. View latest instance 2. Schedule etc… but no “history”. I’ve so far created 10 instance.

I tried giving full control access to the group to this folder so I could see the “history” in right click menu but I just don’t see it. The only way it works is if I manually assign individual user to the folder with "Schedule" access then it works perfect. But, if I added the group (instead of user) and assign "Schedule" access then it doesn't show "history" menu option.

Let me know if there is any suggestion. I'm attaching an excel file to briefly look at my security setup to achieve.

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I've requested this post is moved to BI Administration by moderators, if no response you may want to repost.

It's not an authentication issue, scheduling and permissions are handled by that team. This groups is just for logging in.

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