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Webi Report not populating data from Activity Universe

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Hi All,

I wanted to create a Webi report from Activity (Standard Auditing) universe.

However, the universe in not populating any data. When I open Activity universe in Universe Designer and check column values of the tables, the data gets populated.

But when I build a report based on this universe, it does not return any data.

Strangely, it also does not throw any errors.

In addition my standard Auditing reports in BusinessObjects Enterprise do not show any data.

Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated.



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What version of XI and what database vendor are you using? Perhaps if you let us know, then someone using the similiar platforms can jump in and help out.



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Hi John,

Thanks for replying. I resolved the issue. I am usinng BOEXI3.1 with SQL server 2005. As I investigated this issue,I found that one of the derived table in the universe was not getting populated due to incorrect conditions. When I restored it to the original statement, the universe and reports are working as expected.

However, Now I have a new set of problem. Some of my Auditing reports throw a strange error


Error in File 1. Most Active Users by Logins: Error in formula Subheader12: 'totext(({?Universe Query_Prompt0})) + " to " + totext(({?Universe Query_Prompt1}))' This field name is not known. Details: errorKind

I am really not sure if this has something to do with the universe or the report has some problems.