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Webi Document link jumps on BI Launch Pad

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Hi all

I am using document link fetaure from WEBI report to another WEBI Report, but it jumps systematically on BI Launch pad instead of opening the correct report. Therefore I did several tests to link WEBI to Crystal, etc... but it brings me back to the BI launch pad every time.

Anyone has an idea ?

I am on BI 4 Sp3

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Victor

You gave me a hint with the link...

Actually I solved my issue.

The URL to execute BI Launch Pad was http://amecbobj01.xxxxx.local:8080/BOE/portal/1205221746/InfoView/logon.jsp

I changed it to


and from there, everything I did previously at WEBI level (document link parameter) works finally.

I don't have explanations since the generated URL remains the same but if someone has, feel free to communicate your thought !!

Thanks to all

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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to my understanding instead of opening the report it opens nothing right ?

did you check in preferences ----->webi---->check web(no download required )

check it and let me knw if there any issues ?

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Hi Sunil,

Actually, another window opens : BI Launch pad home tab, though I want the system to open another window with the target report. Regarding the preferences, web feature is already selected since I play with the "document linking" function.


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Did you create the link manually or did you use the hyperlink wizard?

can you share the link?

Best regards,