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WebI 4.3 SP2 P300 - Manual entry using semicolon separated list.

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BI Platform 4.3 Support Pack 2 Patch 3


Is there way to filter an entire WebI document or specific report using a semicolon separated list without applying it at the query filter level?


Within a WebI document we can add a query filter for state: In it we can set it up as an option prompt allowing a user to execute a manual entry such as IL;CA;FL;CO; to return the 4 referenced states. When we click the + or select "(manual entry)" from the popup list, on the prompt screen; it adds each item as a different filtering component when set to "In list". However, lets say we want all the data back as the user wants to work with different sets of data within the WebI document at different times. Is there a way they can copy/paste in a semicolon separated list instead of having to hunt and peck for each "checkbox" (Consider they have to pick 20-30 objects from a list of 2000)

We added a new input control to the document for state.

We set it to

  • Type: multi-list
  • Operator: "In List"
  • Applying to whole document or "Current report" as requested for various reports

Expected result:

The expectation is in the search window we would have the option for manual or search like with the the query prompts or at a block level when applying a filter; but manual isn't an option on the input control. So instead the search looks for "IL;CA;FL;CO" as if it was one data element instead of breaking it apart by the ";"

At a block level, we can apply the filter for state and we have the option for manual; search like the query prompts so the "IL;CA;FL;CO" gets broken out into the 4 relevant states.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to provide a semicolon separated list so a user doesn't have to "hunt and pick"? State may only be 50 large for USA at this time; but if we apply this logic to something else like a "Hierarchy" for materials... that list gets 2000+ large. Hunting and picking for 15-25 of those 2000 isn't a good use of time. The query prompts get us by for now; but this require return trips to the database when it shouldn't be needed.


Keep in mind they may want to do this to a specific report or all reports within the document. So block by block level doesn't make sense.

Refreshing the data each time doesn't make sense either because of the analysis at a state level could change and there's no need, nor desire, to get new possibly changed data in the middle of an analysis.

Yes they could export to excel and work from there... but this seems like something BI should handle without resorting to exporting data..


Any suggestions on how to do this without return trips to the database?

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Found a way to filter the "Report" but not the entire document unless at query level.

In document design mode, select the report. In the properties panel select, select "show report element data" (screwdriver and wrench crossing) and then click the ellipse (...) to the right of filters and select manage filters. From here follow normal filtering steps to allow in-list filtering for desired object and then you can "paste in" the colon separated list in the "available values" section. Then press Enter. The parsed out values will appear in the "selected values" section. Click Ok or Apply to save the changes.

This handles the report level... now document level is yet missing..

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I'm guessing this is "By design" and just have to accept this at this point. I know I could open a n Influenceer request and that may be the approach I take... Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something...

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