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Webi 4.3 Input Controls Poor Design and Performance. How to go back to 4.2 UX or Offer Submit Once

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With update from 4.2 to 4.3 SP03 Patch 5 we are receiving loud complaints from users that the new user interface is too slow primarily due to changes to input controls and having to wait for report to refresh after each input control selection.

Looking for advice on how to enable the 4.2 UX for Webi or display a panel of all the input controls and user can maintain all the values, but do not apply until user presses a submit button

Here is our story.

We have a report that evaluates a mechanic for pay raise and the user must select up to (12) input controls of Yes/No and enter a date of certification.

1) The complaint is that the input control values are slow to load or do not load Yes or No on first try. Then after select, the report refreshes for 15 seconds and they must then complete the next input control, and wait to refresh. What used to take 5 minutes in 4.2 is taking 30 minutes and often have to restart from the beginning as the input control values are not stable.

2) They do not like having to scroll to the right to view all of the input controls that used to fit nicely in the 4.2 control panel.

Reviewed and do not accept 2988811 - Cannot see multiple selections in Web Intelligence Input Controls in Business Intelligence Platform 4.3 - SAP for Me

3) They do not like Filter funnel icon and having users to click on it to reveal the drop down list. Users often accidentally delete the filter and this creates confusion. Should be able to set the funnel as open as default so that the filters are shown. Do not allow users to delete filters in reading mode.

4) Requests to have 4.2 webi US back

5) Request a way to move the input controls from the ribbon to the panel and then select the values for each, without applying the changed value until user presses a SUBMIT button so that all input controls are applied at once.

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I do not think there is a way to bring back the 4.2 user interface. Could you implement your input controls as query prompts instead? If that does not make sense, please say so and I will expand on this.

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