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Webdynpro Dropdown value align

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dropdown in Webdynpro seam to be realy strange. And realy bad to handle! Can you help me here?

My requirement is to create a Dropdown Field with Currency Value shown Like in this table


Fieldname = WERTGRENZE

I Created a DropdownbyKey and my SelectedKey was mapped with the Context-Attribute WERTGRENZE of type

The result you see is like this:

The result is crap because the the Value is on the left, not on the right, and there is no currency format.

So i tryed to create a DropDownbyIndex with Webdynpro.

Where the value field is type WERTGRENZE. The final result looks like this:

good is here, that the currency format woks, but the alignment of the value is always left, not on the right side.

Is it possible to show the value of this list on the right side?

Kind Regards

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