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Webdynpro ABAP - Add rows and Delete rows from Table

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Hi All,

This is regarding adding and deleting rows from a table in a Webdynpro application.

We have a requirement where in we need to add and delete rows in a table which has a dropdown and an input field.

I started with the Editable ALV in a viewcontainer but the dropdown element is not having data. Else, the add and delete were working perfectly.

So I followed the example provided in the link below as the solution matches our requirement. I am currently working on adding and deleting rows using two buttons above the table.

While I tried to append it as usual, it has created blank row but when I scroll down, it results in a short dump possibly because there are input elements involved and I haven't handled creating them before binding. I have also searched and been through several links on SDN but couldn't find a suitable solution for the way these nodes are and the way the row has to be appended. Here are a couple of them.

I created a node with a sub node having the following fields:


Cardinality 0..n

Selection 0..1

Subnode: CITY_LIST

Cardinality 0..n

Selection 0..1

I worked on adding and deleting rows to regular tables previously i.e. with no input fields or dropdowns but this time it is somewhat different as it has different input elements involved.

Could you please help with how to append and delete rows in the table.

Thank you.



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