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Web Service - Request never turns to GREEN

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I have created Web Service Source System followed by Data Source and did the required setting in Web Service Admn screen (WSADMIN) and could able to generate/publish WSDL and able to see that PSA getting the records with trigger of web service.

My concern is, after creating the Web Service Data Source, I did create the "Scheduler: InfoPackage for Real-Time Data Acquisition (Push)" and set the "Automatic Closure of the Request" (in Processing Tab) to "1 Hour". I am able to see that system is creating new Request for all the transaction triggered in that particular Hour but it is NOT setting the previous Requests to GREEN (So that the PSA data couble us triggered to ODS)..

That means, all the Requests (which are getting generated every hour) are in Yellow status.. how to turn them Green (Automatic)..? Is that anything I am missing here..

Please let me know if you have any thoughts..



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Go to IMG and change the value of "wait time trafic light" for monitoring (is under automated processes -> monitor settings).

I don't know what value you have now, but our default "Wait time trafic light" value is 70000, which is 7 hours. You can change this to as low as 100, which is 1 minute.

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Heres the correct answer-

<b>Rationale -</b>

When you transfer data using a Web service or real-time data acquisition (using a SAPI and a Web service), the InfoPackage requests (also called PSA requests) remain open across several load processes.

<b>The requests are closed when the threshold values set in the InfoPackage are reached.</b> The system opens new requests and data transfer is continued using the new requests. With process type <b>Close Real-Time InfoPackage Request</b>, you can close an open PSA request before the threshold value is reached.

This means that you can use a Web service to send data to the PSA in BI and then use the standard scheduling process to update it further.

You can close requests in this way to perform regular analyses at set times on an InfoProvider that is down stream of a DataStore object that you are using for real-time data acquisition.

<b>Procedure -</b>

1. In the process chain, choose process type Close Real-Time InfoPackage Request.

2. On the next screen, enter a technical name for the process variant and choose Create.

3.On the next screen, enter a description for the process variant and choose Continue.

The maintenance screen for the process variant appears.

4.In the table, select the InfoPackage for which you want to close a request.

5.Choose Save and go back.

<b>PS -</b>

Do not schedule this process to take place more frequently than once an hour. Otherwise performance is affected. If you schedule the process to take place more frequently, it is possible that the system will generate so many requests that performance is affected.


When the process chain is run, the system closes the PSA request, as well as the DTP and change log request, if they exist.