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Web report Properties

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Hello Gurus.

I want to know how can i check properties of a web report.

Mainly i have to check download properties of BW Web Reports e.g i am downloading BW web report into excel.

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Answers (2)

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hi Saurabh,

Note 490204 - Logon pop-up when viewing stylesheets and images in WAD


Sinse BW 3.0A FEP5 the logon pop-up comes when previewing

Stylesheets and Images in the Web Application Designer.

Other terms

WAD, Web Application Wizard, Images and Stylesheets in MIME repository.

Reason and Prerequisites

In the Web Application Designer the pop up with logon comes when

the user selects a stylesheet, a print stylesheet or an image from

the list in the preview dialog. The stylesheets and images are stored in the MIME repository.


In the case of MIME service, it makes sense to allow access to objects without having to log on with a user and password. Current note describes how you can maintain the MIME service that it does not require any logon procedure.

1. Start transaction SICF.

2. Expand the tree to "default host", "SAP", "BW".

3. Make a double click on the "MIME" in in order to edit it.

4. Maintain an anonymous logon with a public user has been maintained This service is used to load icons, stylesheets, images and JavaScript and thus does not access business critical data. Specify a client, user and a password.

5. Save the settings.

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HI Edwin,

MIME is set with anonymous logon .THis is problem coming for only one report.

Its saved copy is asking for password each time i try to open.

Please suggest

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hi Saurabh,

you can check the web template properties,

open in WAD, you may have 2 small window, one web item, and one properties,

below the properties choose web template (1st line), normally by default it's choose.

then click 'web item', and section 'entries in context menu', scroll down, till you see 'export as ... excel 2000', check the value, make sure it's 'always display' or 'in enhance menu'.

hope this helps.

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Hi Edwin,

Thanks a lot for this.

When i try to save web report and open this saved file on local PC,It is aking for user id and password each time.

Can you suggest me how to solve it?