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Web Interfaces can be displayed incorrectly in QA system after transported

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I transported Web Interfaces for BPS from D system to Q system. I activate the BSP application in transation SE80 and activate the service node in transaction SICF in Q system. However, the BSP can't be displayed correctly with NO_METADATA_AVAILABE error.Also, I test the HTTP service in Q system, it works well. The transport steps I followed:

1) change the package of BSP application (SE80 D system)

2) write transport entry to new request (SE80 D system)

3) switch the correspoding service node to new object directory entry (SICF D system)

4) transport the request to Q system

5) activate BSP application (SE80 Q system)

6) activate BSP service node (SICF Q system)

Am I missing configuring something? or completely wrong steps? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Answers (1)

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I resolved it myself