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Web intelligence and sap bw hierarchy

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Hi all,

we are trying to build a report based on bex query and using bw hierarchy.

We can create the report in an easy way with dimnesion customer (using hierarchy) and measure unit sales and it look pretty good. But when we add next dimension into our report the result isnt how we imagined. Take a look please at these two pictures. The first is how the report looks like now and the second is how it should look like.

1. picture how it looks like now -

2. picture how it should look like -

The dimension sales manager should be visible only on the bottom level of the customer hierarchy. Is it possible ?

Thanks for any help,

regards Martin Zluky

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Hi Martin,

you can try saving dimension in the hierachy in the universe designer and then saving and exporting it and in webi you can check in scope of analysis/Drill whether it is drilled down or not to that level.

hope this will help.