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Web dynpro textview des not update in portal

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Has anyone tried to change existing text in the SAP benefits web dynpro project?

We are trying to modify this project:


Component: VcBenefitsPlanSelection

View: PlanSelectionView

Textview: PlanSelectionIntro

We modify the intro text, check the code in and it displays whatever was originally there. No matter what we do, even added a dummy button to the GUI (and that displays fine - but the text field remains the same!) the portal will not display the text changes. The original text is hardcoded in the property and is not bound.

Checked the wdview.xlf and the text is actually in the content of this file we checked in. Tried 1/2 a dozen times, no dice.

Activity logs and deployment logs say all is well. (NOTE: Unable to test locally since we do not have a local portal on our development machines)

Anyone ever have a web dynpro Textview that would not update?

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My bad. Letting my novice flag fly - this is an international text mapping issue.